Related factsheets – Crime & Community Safety

Community safety initiatives aim to reduce offending behaviour and reduce the negative impact of crime and anti-social behaviour on both individuals and local communities. By adopting a problem solving multi-agency approach as well as tackling the fear of crime and perceptions of safety, we can increase tangible outcomes for individuals and local communities.

Crime is an important feature of deprivation that has major effects on individuals and communities. Being a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour, or worrying about becoming a victim can have a hugely negative impact on health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional.  Having a safe and secure place in which to live is essential for everyone, and it needs to be somewhere where people not only are safe, but where they feel safe.

The following factsheets provide background information that is used to develop the assessment and inform the Safe Durham Partnership Plan.  Further data is available through the ‘Crime & Community Safety‘ theme under the ‘Themes’ menu above.

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