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Health and Wellbeing Board priorities

The Health and Wellbeing Board has chosen four priority areas of focus for the Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2023-28. These have been identified from the evidence base in the JSNAA. The vision is that:

‘County Durham is a healthy place, where people live well for longer’

To achieve this vision  the priorities we need to focus on are smoking, unhealthy weight, mental health and alcohol use. These are the biggest contributors to people in County Durham dying early, living in poor health or with illness.Leadership in each of the four priority areas will be through a formally established Partnership or Alliance, each of which will deliver against a high-level action plan.


For further information please see the Tobacco Control page


For further information please see the Alcohol-related harm page

Mental Health

For further information please see the Mental health and wellbeing resilience page

Excess Weight

For further information please see the Healthy weight page