Vulnerable Children

A new page page providing information on Vulnerable Children is now available: Vulnerable Children

Launch of Durham Insight

On Monday 30th April 2018 Durham Insight mapping site was launched with the aim to provide access to data, information and analysis for the county and areas and communities within it.  

Local names for local data

The ONS Super Output Area (SOA) geography was designed specifically for statistical purposes and was first used to report on the 2001 Census.  The geography is a hierarchical geography built up from a basic building block called and output area, five of which form a Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) and where five LSOA’s form a Middle … Continue reading “Local names for local data”

Welcome to Durham Insight

Durham Insight is an online data mapping application from ©Geowise which has been adapted to provide a statistical profile of County Durham and local areas and communities within it. The aim of the site is to provide the data used to support our Integrated Needs Assessment project which provides an evidence base to support a  wide … Continue reading “Welcome to Durham Insight”