Updated Annual Population Survey Factsheets published

Updated factsheets from the latest release of the Annual Population Survey data on Employment and Economic Inactivity/Unemployment have now been published: Employment Economic Inactivity/Unemployment

Vulnerable Children

A new page page providing information on Vulnerable Children is now available: Vulnerable Children

2017 Gross Domestic Household Income

The 2017 Gross Domestic Household Income (GDHI) was released in June 2019.  The updated factsheet is available here: 2017 Gross Domestic Household Income

ONS 2018 Mid-Year Population Estimates

The ONS 2018 Mid-Year Population Estimates were published on 26th June 2019. The updated County Durham factsheet is available here: Population Estimates

Updated ONS Population Estimates for Sub-county Areas

Following the release of the small area (sub-county) mid-2017 population estimates by ONS the sub-county factsheets for Area Action Partnerships, Clinical Commissioning Groups/Localities and for Partnership areas have now been updated and published: For AAPs and CCG/CCLs use the ‘Area Reports’ menu option above.  For Partnership areas use the Population Estimates page.

New Earnings Factsheet published

The 2018 update to the Annual Survey of Household Earnings (ASHE) factsheet has been published: Annual Survey of Household Earnings

Updated Factsheets

A number of factsheets have been updated following the release of new datasets behind them: 2017 ONS Population Estimates 2016 ONS Population Projections 2016 Fuel Poverty Gross Domestic Household Income

ONS Sub-national Population Projections

On May 24th 2018 ONS published their 2016 based sub-national population projections for regions, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups in England. Further information is available on the ONS website.

Launch of Durham Insight

On Monday 30th April 2018 Durham Insight mapping site was launched with the aim to provide access to data, information and analysis for the county and areas and communities within it.