Every ten years the Government undertakes a census, which collects a wide range of information on population, health, ethnicity, lone parents, households, and the economic status of residents.

The Census is the largest single statistical exercise undertaken by government and remains the most important source of information on the size and nature of the population. For many years, the Census has been relied upon to underpin national and local decision making. The Census is widely acknowledged as playing a fundamental and unique role in the provision of comprehensive and robust population statistics.

2021 Census Releases

ONS aim to release the first results for Census 2021 data on the population of England and Wales in late Spring 2022, and to publish all other main Census 2021 data within two years of census.

Further details are available on the ONS Website

2021 Census Day

Census Day: Sunday 21st March 2021

Sunday 21 March was Census Day and millions of people across England and Wales completed the census.

The first results from the 2021 Census will be published by the Office for National Statistics in the summer of 2022.

Data and family records from the 1921 Census have now been published by the National Archive Service.

Further information on the 2021 Census is available on the ONS 2021 Census website.

Historical Public Information Films

The following links are to public information films from 1971 and 1981:

  • 1971 (National Archives)
  • 1981 (YouTube)

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  2011 Census

‘Census Day’ in 2011 was Sunday 27th March 2011 in the UK.  The following reports provide summaries for County Durham.  Further information is available on the ONS website and NOMIS.

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