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Durham Insight provides access to information, data and research about what it is like to live in County Durham.

Census 2021 Logo Purple Phase 1 results from the 2021 Census are now available.  For further information please visit our Census page and include data on veterans in County Durham.

Durham Insight is a shared intelligence, research and knowledge base for County Durham, informing strategic planning across the Durham County Council and its partners, and by thematic partnerships.  The aim is to provide users an easy way to access and share information, intelligence, research and knowledge for deeper insights about their local area or communities.

The purpose of Durham Insight is to provide intelligence and insight in order to inform and support strategic decision making across partnerships, and to provide  a single portal for strategic analysis, insight and statistics about life in County Durham, available to anyone.

Quick Profiles are available through the ‘Geographical Reports’ menu item above and are available for all geographies used on this site.  Themed profiles for the county as a whole, wards, LSOAs and other custom geographies within the county can be accessed through the ‘Themes‘ menu above and click on the ‘Reports’ option at the top of each page.  A wide range of factsheets are available through the ‘Document Library‘ menu, along with Infographics, maps, story maps and ‘How to Guides‘.

More information on our custom geographies is available on the Geographies in County Durham page.


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