About Durham Insight

The aim of Durham Insight is to provide access to data, information and analysis for the county and areas and communities within it.  This site has the main aim of informing and supporting our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and other assessments and strategies managed by the authority and its partners.

This site is supplied by ESRI, with whom we are working in partnership to develop this site to meet the needs of the authority and our partners.

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Why we do it

  • We think highly interactive visuals are more engaging than static tables and get you and your data noticed by people who matter;
  • We like open-source projects but we sell our software, and have done for the last 12 years because we do not think open-source is sustainable in our market and you do not want to buy a product that disappears next year;
  • We love open data and try to add structure where it is needed to help people use it but not everything you need is open data;
  • We respect great business intelligence and visual analytics tools but think that the way we handle maps gives you (and us) an edge;
  • We value the people who work for us, we give them flexibility and they give you great service.

Legal Information

Legal Information