Here’s the latest instalment of our regular horizon scan of data and intelligence products released recently or in the near future. Links can be subject to change.

This scan covers PH related releases for the period 16th March – 29th March 2020.

Highlights for this period include:

  • Oral Health survey update for 2018 to 2019. Release date: 19/03/2020. Covering Local authority boundaries at unitary, metropolitan borough or lower tier level.
  • Homelessness in England: July to September 2019. Release date: 19/03/2020. Covering: LA’s and England.
  • CCG Outcomes Indicator set. Release 19/03/2020. Covering CCGs and England
  • Cancer Survival. Release: 25/03/2020. Covering Regions, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and NHS regions

Releases table: 2020-03-12 PHIC 16 March – 29 March 2020