Situated to the south of the county, the AAP stretches from Chilton in the south to Cornforth in the north.  The 4 Together Partnership is bordered by the other AAPs of  Bishop Auckland and Shildon, East Durham Rural, Great Aycliffe & Middridge and Spennymoor.

The 4 Together Partnership is predominantly ‘urban’ in nature with a population of over 17,500 .  Covering an area of over 4,300 hectares (16.7 sq. miles), the AAP has a population density of 4.1 (people/hectare), which is nearly twice that of the county (2.4).

Ferryhill, Chilton and West Cornforth were traditional mining settlements.  The town of Ferryhill and its surrounding villages grew rapidly in the 1900s around the mining industry, with the last mine closing in 1966.  The nearby village of Chilton has seen significant regeneration in recent years, with the opening of the bypass in 2005, and the refurbishment of the main thoroughfare. West Cornforth is to the North East of Ferryhill and was home to an iron works.

The 4 Together Partnership covers the town and parish councils of Bishop Middleham, Chilton, Cornforth, Windlestone and Ferryhill.


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