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Sexual health covers the provision of advice and services around contraception, relationships, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy decision making. Sexual and reproductive health is fundamental to health and wellbeing.

Reducing teenage pregnancy rates depends on the underlying factors which increase the risk of teenage pregnancy such as poverty, low educational attainment, poor attendance at school, non-participation in post 16 learning and low aspirations.

Factsheet: Sexual Health and Teenage Conceptions (PDF, 801kb)

Key messages

  • County Durham has seen a steady decline of new STI diagnoses and is significantly better than the England average.
  • The percentage of girls aged 12-13yrs who have received all 3 doses of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine is higher in County Durham and the North East compared to England. This has increased over time and shows a high level of vaccination coverage.
  • Under 18 conception rates in County Durham have been falling over time but are significantly worse than England.

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Public Health Profile for County Durham (Full Site):

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