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Smoking is recognised to be the primary cause of preventable illness, morbidity and premature death. Death rates from tobacco are two to three times higher among disadvantaged social groups than among the better off. Smoking in pregnancy has well known detrimental effects on the growth and development of the baby and health of the mother.

Approximate figures for County Durham show that 61,279 households have at least one smoker and 33% of households with a smoker fall below the poverty line.

Factsheet: Tobacco Control (PDF, 622kb)

Health Equity Audit: Stop Smoking Services Health Equity Audit for County Durham 2018

Key messages

  • Smoking prevalence in County Durham remains above the national average at 17.9%, compared to an average of 15.5% for England.
  • In 2016/17, 16.7% of mothers in County Durham were smoking at time of delivery compared to 16.1% regionally and 10.7% nationally.
  • Smoking-related death rates per 100,000 (2014-16) were significantly higher in County Durham (354) than England (272) but are falling over time.

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