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The 2019 release uses 39 separate indicators (mainly from 2015/16, 16/17), organised across seven distinct domains of deprivation which can be combined, using appropriate weights, to calculate an Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Key Messages

Note: It must be remembered that the changes described below are relative changes and may be due to changes to areas else where in England.

  • County Durham is in the top 40% most deprived upper-tier local authorities[1] in England.  Seven of the 12 North East local authorities are ranked in the 30% most deprived upper-tier authorities across England.
  • County Durham is ranked as the 48th most deprived upper-tier local authority out of 151 nationally, (ID2015 ranking: 59th)[2].
  • All North East local authorities experienced an increase in relative deprivation (i.e. by rank) between the 2015 and 2019 Indices. This varied between Middlesbrough (from a national ranking of 6th to 5th most deprived) and Gateshead (from 58th to 36th most deprived, a move of 22 places).
  • Of the 324 LSOAs in County Durham, 0.9% (n=3) are ranked in the most deprived 1% nationally. This is an increase from the previous indices where only 1 local LSOA was in the most deprived 1% nationally.
    • Woodhouse Close Central remains the most deprived LSOA in the county, ranked 150th most deprived nationally (ID2015: 190th) followed by Easington Colliery North ranked 221nd (ID2015: 510th) and Horden Central ranked 221st (ID2015: 396th)
  • 12% of County Durham LSOAs (n=39) are ranked in the most deprived 10 percent most deprived areas in England. This has increased by less than 1% (n=36) from ID2015.  10% of our population live in these areas.
  • 2% (34) of those 39 LSOAs in the top 10% in 2019 were in the most deprived 10% in 2015, similar to national levels (88%).
  • 49% of County Durham LSOAs (n=158) are ranked in the 30% most deprived areas in England. 47% of our population live in these areas.

[1] Upper tier local authorities are the administrative unit used in these analyses unless otherwise stated.

[2] Where 1 is the most deprived nationally.

Further detail is available on the Index of Deprivation page.

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