Life expectancy and mortality can be used as important measures of the overall health of County Durham’s population and as an indicator of inequality both between and  within areas. Reductions in premature mortality over time can demonstrate improvement in the health status of the population as a whole and result in increases in life expectancy. Reducing health inequalities and early deaths is one of six strategic objectives of the County Durham Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Factsheet: Life Expectancy (PDF, 871kb)

Key Messages: 

  • Life expectancy at birth in County Durham (2012-14) remains significantly lower than England for both men and women,
  • Men have a significantly lower life expectancy than women in County Durham,
  • Life expectancy has been improving over time in County Durham for men and women. Compared to 2000-02, men in County Durham now live 3.4 years longer, and women live 2.1 years longer.

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