County Durham’s transport network provides a vital role in terms of linking people to jobs, delivering products to market, providing access to key services and keeping our communities connected.  Transport statistics are valuable as they help us to understand where transport investment should be targeted.

Factsheet: Transport in County Durham Factsheet (PDF; 427Kb)

Current information: Local Transport Plan and other transport related documents– (Durham County Council website)

Key Messages:

  • 75% of County Durham residents regularly use the car to travel to work, either as a driver or passenger and car ownership levels are growing (73% of all households in the county now own a car),
  • As would be expected for a rural county, Durham has lower levels of sustainable transport use than the regional and national average – with 10% walking, 1% cycling, 6% on buses and 1% on rail,
  • 46.7% of all residents travel less than 10km to work in County Durham compared to over 65% in Tyne and Wear.  This reflects the rural nature of the County, with residents having to travel further to access job opportunities.

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