Situated to the south east of the county the East Durham Rural AAP stretches from Bradbury and Sedgefield in the south, to Bowburn and Quarrington Hill in the north. The AAP is bordered by Darlington Borough to the south west, Stockton-upon-Tees Borough to the south east, and by the other AAPs of Durham, East Durham, 4 Together Partnership, Great Aycliffe & Middridge and Spennymoor.

The East Durham Rural AAP is predominantly ‘rural’ in nature with a population of over 26,000 .  Covering an area of over 13,700 hectares (53.2 sq. miles), the AAP has a population density of 1.9 (people/hectare), which is lower than that of the county (2.3).

The East Durham Rural area is a diverse part of Durham, with traditional mining settlements such as Fishburn and the Trimdons, and the historic village of Sedgefield. Sedgefield Village is noted for the Parish Church of St Edmund, a grade one listed building dating from the 13th Century.  The town also has Hardwick Park Estate and its National Hunt Racecourse. It has been the focus of a major housing development on the former Winterton hospital site, which also hosts NETPark, one of the fastest growing science, engineering and technology parks in the UK.



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