County Durham has some of the lowest crime rates in the country and has seen significant reductions in anti-social behaviour, yet people’s perceptions and confidence in public services has not always reflected this.

Factsheet: Perceptions of crime and anti-social behaviour and public confidence (PDF, 305kb)

Key messages

  • County Durham’s crime rate is second best of its 15 peers within its ‘most similar community safety group’ and one which is lower than the national average. The number of crimes and anti-social behaviour incidents in County Durham reported to Durham Constabulary has significantly reduced over a number of years. This is in line with the national picture.
  • In terms of the confidence which residents have in the police and council dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime, County Durham and Darlington have confidence levels close to the England and Wales average.
  • Those most impacted by perceptions of high levels of ASB are younger respondents, women, ethnic minorities, the unemployed, those who are ill, victims of crime, those who read tabloids, students and those with a long-term limiting disability. Also households comprising a single adult and child(ren), living in social-rented housing and those on low incomes.

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