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This dashboard is based on PHE, NHS England and ONS statistical releases and is updated twice weekly. COVID-19 Vaccinations are updated weekly as data from NHS England becomes available. Deaths are updated weekly following the release of the ONS dataset ‘Death registrations and occurrences by local authority and health board’. For more information please see slide 15 of the dashboard.

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Please see dashboard above and the sections below for the latest statistical information relating to Covid-19 in County Durham.     

  • The summary section provides contextual information relating to the dashboard and our Covid-19 releases.
  • The Clinically Extremely Vulnerable dashboard displays deprivation and rates per 100,000 of people in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable populations.
  • The further links sections provides additional information from a variety of sources.

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COVID19 Health Impact Assessment Infographics by AAP

COVID19 HIA Document: County Durham HIA Health Inequalities COVID Document (PDF; 2Mb)

3 Towns 4 Together Bishop Auckland and Shildon
3-towns-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image 4-together-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image bishop-auckland-and-shildon-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image
Chester-le-Street Derwent Valley Durham
chester-le-street-and-district-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image derwent-valley-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image durham-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image
East Durham East Durham Rural Great Aycliffe and Middridge
east-durham-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image east-durham-rural-corridor-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image great-aycliffe-and-middridge-partnership-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image
Mid Durham Spennymoor Stanley
mid-durham-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image spennymoor-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image stanley-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image
Tessdale Weardale
teesdale-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image weardale-aap-health-wellbeing-and-communities-health-impact-assessment image

Summary and Context

County Durham Key Facts

  • Population of 533,000 (ONS 2020 Estimates)
  • Around 1 in 5 are aged over 65 (This has increased by 53% since 1991) (ONS mid-year population estimates)
  • ONS estimate that there around a third of people in employment are in key worker occupations (33.1%/76,000 people Jan 2019 to Dec 2019)
  • People are living longer but in poorer health
  • Average age at admission to long term care
    • Nursing care: 83.7 years (no change over time)
    • Residential care: 86.5 years (overall increase of over 3 years since 2004/05)
  • Average length of stay in care setting
    • Nursing care: 419 days (increase over time)
    • Residential care: 519 days (reduction over time)
  • A total of c. 3,000 individuals are supported by DCC in care home settings

Care Home Sector Summary

  • In County Durham there are a large number of independent sector care homes (total 5,128 beds)
    • In summary:
      • 43 provide residential care,
      • 2 provide nursing care,
      • 51 provide both nursing and residential care
    • 36 specialist residential care units


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