Situated to the north of the county, the Chester-le-Street & District AAP covers the entire area of the former Chester-le-Street district, from Sacriston in the south to Ouston in the north.  The AAP is bordered by Gateshead Council to the north, Sunderland City Council to the east, and by the other AAPs of Durham, Mid Durham and Stanley.

The Chester-le-Street & District AAP is predominantly ‘urban’ in nature with a population of over 54,400 . Covering an area of over 6,700 hectares (26 sq. miles), the AAP has a population density of 8.1 (people/hectare), which is over three times that of the County (2.3).

The AAP has good connections with the A1M motorway and East Coast Main Line railway which allow for commuting to the larger employment centres.  Nearly 25,500 residents live within the major centre of Chester-le-Street itself, whilst Sacriston has a population of 5,000+, Great Lumley 3,500+ and the combined Peltons 5,500+. A number of key attractions encourage people to visit the area. These include Beamish Museum, the Riverside Park, Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground and Lumley Castle.